The above wall was painted at The University of Virginia by Alexandra Pentel ,
a sorority sister of Alpha Phi, and a former Bolles High School Classmate

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August 8, 1995 to October 3, 2016

This site is to tell the story of a college student who gave everything she had for others. Please help her memory live on through your donations to her favorite cause... "FSU Dance Marathon for Children's Miracle Network".  Due to her amazing hard work while she was here on earth she raised over  $23,000.00.

This year 2018 they are going to honor someone who exemplifies the spirit and drive Holly had for this cause by giving them an award in her name.

Holly's "Can Do" Mindset

Wall painted in Tallahassee by Alpha Phi

This wall was painted in Tallahassee by Holly's sorority, Alpha Phi Sisters, at Florida State University


By Holly's friends at Sigma
Alpha Epsilon Fraternity at FSU

Photos of Holly's Memorial Service outside of FSU stadium


The following picture is of Holly in Wales, while studying in London. It was taken by her friend Henry Sweat.

Here's Henry Sweat's post from October 4, 2016 (the day after Holly passed)


The NEW, Holly Cummins Dance Marathon Award

The 2nd Annual Award Winner in 2019: Rebecca Gonzalez


Holly's Memorial Wristband in Action

Marquez White Wrist Band
holly-coach haggins
Hollys wrist band

Tattoos Honoring Holly


Holly's Favorite Charity

Holly loved giving and promoting the Dance Marathon at Florida State University, a Miracle Network Dance Marathon.

This is a year-long effort that culminates into an annual 40-hour event, where more than 1,800 students stay awake and on their feet to raise money and awareness for our local beneficiaries. Over the past 21 years, Dance Marathon at FSU has raised nearly $8 million for our local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital, Shands Children’s Hospital, and the FSU College of Medicine.

Holly's been able to generate over $23,000 in donations for this wonderful cause. Please click Holly's donation button below & give what you can.

Thank you!


About Holly

Holly Rebecca Cummins was born on August 8, 1995 to Betsy and Howard Cummins, and from the day she was born we knew she was a gift from God. Holly was our only child and what a joy she was, happy and loving all the time.

When Holly was two years old we enrolled her in a church school for half day classes so she would have interaction with other children. When Howard and I took her to her first day of school we expected her to cry, but she did the opposite, she walked into the classroom, walked up to a little girl and began to play with her, they became friends instantly, and we were the ones who walked away crying.

When Holly attended elementary school we learned she was gifted in academics and excelled in many things, from winning an award from the Veteran's of Foreign Wars to winning the Duval County Invention Convention.  Holly was very well liked by her teachers and friends, but we noticed she was still very shy.


Her Legacy

Holly leaves a legacy of love, kindness, and generosity. Holly gave 100% to her family, friends, and everything she was involved in and asked for nothing in return. When Holly met you, you became her friend for life. I remember Holly telling us that her freshman year she was the designated driver because she wanted to be sure everyone got home safely. Even when she didn't go out her friends knew they could call her and she would go get them and take them home. And when she did go out, she kept an eye on her friends, sticking by them to be sure they would be safe, she cared so much for others.

In elementary school one of her classmates was from a combined family who had nine children and when Christmas came along it meant this child received only one present. Holly asked me and Howard if she could go through her toys and give some to her classmate. We told her to go pick out what she wanted to give and Holly came back with baby dolls, Hot Wheels, games, puzzles, etc. and said she wanted to give it all to the little girl. This act of generosity and kindness was just one example of the many things Holly did for others.


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