Holly leaves a legacy of love, kindness, and generosity.  Holly gave 100% to her family, friends, and everything she was involved in and asked for nothing in return.  When Holly met you, you became her friend for life.  I remember Holly telling us that her freshman year she was the designated driver because she wanted to be sure everyone got home safely.  Even when she didn't go out her friends knew they could call her and she would go get them and take them home.  And when she did go out, she kept an eye on her friends, sticking by them to be sure they would be safe, she cared so much for others.

In elementary school one of her classmates was from a combined family who had nine children and when Christmas came along it meant this child received only one present.   Holly asked me and Howard if she could go through her toys and give some to her classmate.  We told her to go pick out what she wanted to give and Holly came back with baby dolls, Hot Wheels, games, puzzles, etc. and said she wanted to give it all to the little girl.  This act of generosity and kindness was just one example of the many things Holly did for others.  As Holly got older she and I would hand out Christmas cards with $5 in them to complete strangers wishing them a Merry Christmas and for Holly, seeing the smile on those peoples faces was what she loved most.  Christmas is a time for giving, but Holly gave all year long.

The above are just some examples of Holly's kindness and giving spirit, but the most important to her was DANCE MARATHON where she raised money For The Kids (FTK) and the Children's Miracle Network.  Holly always worked hard on raising donations to meet her goal because it meant so much to her to give to those in need, and she participated in dancing part of the DANCE MARATHON because as she always said, "we dance for those who can't".  The DANCE MARATHON combined two of her loves, the love of helping others and the love of dance.

Holly left a legacy of love, kindness, and generosity and that is the most beautiful kind of legacy anyone could leave.

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